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The NeXus-10 Mark II
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Biofeedback, Neurofeedback & EEG Training  Get hands on experience in clinical applications and the latest procedures by the industry’s leading trainers, and the chance to train on four major biofeedback systems. This didactic education program is accredited by BCIA. Past participants have reported that Stens' training was a key factor in passing their accrediting exams. Learn more More button

“Tony Hughes, PhD, who taught the 5-day Biofeedback workshop, was exceptional! I returned to work and hit the ground running with biofeedback and our new Nexus 10 wireless Biofeedback/ EEG system, feeling quite comfortable, and am already clocking hours for BCIA certification.”

– Elizabeth Shella, MA, LPC, CRC
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“The NeXus-10 is a joy to use due to its intuitive hardware design and extensive selection of sensors. BioTrace+ displays are among the most beautiful and flexible on the market. The NeXus-10 makes artifacting and generating session reports a dream. ”

– Fred Shaffer, Ph.D – Truman State University
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“I have found the NeXus-10 to be a wonderful tool that allows amazing freedom to make changes and adapt treatment approaches within the recording/training process. I enjoy working with the NeXus-10 and often get complements from patients about the graphics.....”

– Anthony Whitney, M.S., LMHC, BCIA – Behavioral Therapist
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“The course was great, Tony Hughes is the best teacher ever. His new labs are great and his HRV lectures are excellent . I like the Nexus a lot, it is way ahead of older systems and also so much easier to use. The screen garphics are also nicely done. I would like to see more animations.”

– Timothy P. Culbert, MD Medical Director Integrative Medicine and
Cultural Care Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota
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“Stens Corporation has provided me with excellent technical advice as well as educational opportunities while developing my biofeedback practice. I encourage any one wanting to pursue this fascinating field to turn to Stens to get started and stay current in biofeedback/Neurofeedback.”

– Patti Jenkins, MA, LP, BCIA-EEG
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“The NeXus offer a practical, entry-level multi-modality system for the biofeedback practitioner, with its user friendly Bio-trace software. I found it possible to navigate the software even in my initial hour with the system.”

– Donald Moss, Ph.D – Psychological Services Center
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