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1-Day Easy Tools for Stress Reduction for Health Professionals: Heart Rate Variability


Stens is pleased to introduce a new program and innovative technologies to reduce stress. This hands-on interactive 1-day session will introduce you to several inexpensive biofeedback devices that focus on respiration and heart rate variability. This is a new approach to stress relief based on learning to change your body's heart rhythm patterns creating homeostasis in the body. You will have hands-on experience with the emWave PC System®, Wild Divine®, Stress Eraser®, emWave®, and RESPeRATE®. To learn more about the exciting tools that will be used in the workshop and heart rate variability. We have made arrangements with the hotels listed to provide discounted rates to our participants. To receive our special Stens guest rates at hotels you MUST book at least 30-45 days in advance of your course. Please contact our office 800-257-8367 for confirmation of rates and the cut-off date.

Benefits fo HRV for your clients:

  • Prevent stress before it occurs
  • Manage emotions that accompany stress
  • Easy-to-use with both children and adults
  • Has a positive focus, feels good to use
  • Has a high compliance rate
  • Combines well with other therapies

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