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2-Day Advanced Quantitative EEG Neurofeedback


Certificate Program Training
This 2-day training seminar is designed to teach the advanced and intermediate concepts and introduce the participant to Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG) analysis approaches, including ICA (independent component analysis) de-artifacting of the EEG, bispectral analysis, and phenotypes as an approach to EEG neurofeedback categorization.  This is a course that also covers the QEEG technically, and also will present the participants with advanced concepts in visual inspection of the EEG and how to recognize artifacts and clinical EEG patterns.  The course will additionally cover some of the uses of statistics and databases for interpretation.  The participant will be given an opportunity to clarify basic concepts such as amplitude, power, coherence and advanced concepts such as Low Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography (LORETA) and Z-score based approaches for interpreting the QEEG.  Research and clinically relevant interpretive techniques will be included, as well as a survey of the common software and database options in the field.

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