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Training for Optimal Performance: Applications in Sport & Corporate Enterprise


2-Day Optimal Performance Training Workshop

There is increased interest in training for optimal performance and in the use of technology for enhancing effectiveness in sport, the boardroom, and other arenas. This course will cover seminal and emerging research and explore protocols for assessment and training optimal performance. It will uncover the culture of “peak performers” as well as the access-related issues and ethical considerations that accompany these populations. Each participant will implement protocols through interactive, computerized labs, and we will enjoy expanding our current training approaches together!

Workshop can be beneficial for anyone in training in a health-related field practicing with a license including, but not limited to psychologists, physicians, physical and sports medicine therapists.

Workshops are from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm.

Day 1

  • Course Intro
    • Description
    • Goals
  • Optimal Performance Training
    • Definition
    • Purpose
    • Population application
  • Understanding Culture
    • Population goals & pressures
    • Specifics of sport or other performance indices
    • Training & language barriers
  • Research
    • Emerging Evidence
      • HRV Biofeedback
      • NeuroTraining
        • Brains of the Elite-Are they really different?
      • Challenges
  • Assessment & Measurement
    • Performance Constructs
      • Optimal vs peak performance
      • Who is the 1%?
    • Training objectives
    • Are TBI, ADD/ADHD, Autism & Spectrum any different in this population?

 Day 2

  • Training for Performance
    • Training language
    • Profiles & Protocols
      • Flow/Zone
      • Self Regulation & Mastery
  • Population Access
    • Recruitment
    • Benefits & Drawbacks
  • Practice/Ethical Issues
    • Practice as a psychologist or not?
    • Who is your client?
  • Resources
    • Future Directions
    • References
  • Contact & Mentoring Info

Our Faculty:

Ashley Stewart, PhD is owner of the Human Performance Institute and Evolve Neuroscience. Dr. Stewart specializes in measuring and training physiological and neurobiological responses applied to the area of human health and performance. Dr. Stewart has over 10 years of clinical education and research experience in health psychology and applied psychophysiology. She holds a PhD in Clinical Health Psychology from Virginia Tech and completed her residency in Medical Psychology at Duke University Medical Center. Dr. Stewart also holds National Board Certifications in Neurofeedback (BCN) and in Biofeedback (BCB) from BCIA, Biofeedback Certification International Alliance.

In addition to her training and research institute, Dr. Stewart currently consults as a Performance Scientist to a pro cycling team. She has worked with athletes from the Olympic to amateur levels, business executives, and military. Dr. Stewart is also a life-long competitive athlete – “having intimate knowledge of what is necessary for an athlete or performer to do well gives me a unique perspective and interest in training the brain and body to reach its potential. I am encouraged to see people harness and realize their potential in all areas of their life!”

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