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5-Day Professional Biofeedback Certificate Program


5-Day Professional Biofeedback Certificate Program

This 5-day training seminar is designed to give you the most successful start possible as a biofeedback clinician and is the core of all the biofeedback seminars offered by the Stens Corporation. Our core curriculum is specifically designed to give you a clear biofeedback model that allows immediate use with stress disorders and explores other new and innovative direction. Clinicians learn the fundamentals of biofeedback techniques in a 48-hour training session.Through a balance of didactic presentations and biofeedback lab experiences, these 5 days of learning are fast paced, yet smooth and integrated.  Our courses are accredited through the American Psychological Association & Biofeedback Certification International Alliance and supply 48 hours of continuing education (CE) hours.

We have made arrangements with the hotels listed to provide discounted rates to our participants. . Please contact our office 800-257-8367 for confirmation of rates and the cut-off date. 

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