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NeuroField X3000



The X3000 is a low intensity 4 channel pEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) generator using four 200-wind coil packs for precision placement anywhere on the body.

The X3000 is a software controlled system which is fully customizable all the way down to the easy to use patient database. The frequency range from 0.31Hz to 300,000Hz, output intensity range from 1-50 microTesla (uT), and the ability to generate sine, triangle, and square waveforms means the X3000 is one of the most flexible pEMF generators in the industry.

Capable of being synchronized with the Q20 EEG, the X3000 is the first pEMF system in the world to combine stimulation with z-score, norm referenced operant conditioning methods.

With multiple databases included and over 100 unique protocols for the treatment of everything from Inflammation Reduction and Gastrointestinal Issues, to Brain Fog, Anxiety, and Depression, the X3000 is the most flexible pEMF system available.

Frequency Range:  0.31-300,000Hz  
Intensity:  1-40 micro Tesla
Waveform:  Sine, Triangle, and Square
Channels:  4 Independently programmable
Protocols:  100+
Software:  Neurofield Suite
    X3000 Package Details:
    The X3000 kit includes everything you would need to operate the X3000 pEMF system. The X3000 is a STIMULATION ONLY unit, and it does not record any data. If you wish to collect EEG data, take a look at our Q20 EEG.
    Package Contents:
    - X3000 Plus Stim Unit
    - One set of 200-wind coils (4 channels)
    - One Velcro cap
    - One CANBus USB adapter
    - Two RJ45 cables
    - One auto-switching power supply
    - Access to the NeuroField Software Suite