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NX-EEG HeadSet



Quick and Easy Solution
The NeXus EEG HeadSet was designed for clinicians and researchers who want quality EEG signals. Single or dual channel neurofeedback training can start almost immediately as placing our semi-dry electrodes is a breeze and skin preparation and gels are not required. Unlike gaming headsets, the NeXus EEG HeadSet uses true Ag/AgCl electrodes and allows recording of all the frequently used 10-20 system positions. Working with neurofeedback is now easier and faster than ever! The headset is highly adjustable and can be used for both children and adults. Whether you are a clinician or other healthcare professional, once you have tried this headset, you may never want to go back to classical electrodes.

Clean and Client Friendly
Mind Media makes the application of neurofeedback training more accessible and much friendlier for the client with the NeXus EEG HeadSet. This means a clear increase in client satisfaction and user experience. This break-through technology makes the use of gels and conductive pastes redundant. Just place the electrodes in the desired training position on the head and start an EEG measurement or training. Because of the lightweight but durable material, the presence of the headset is hardly noticeable. Another advantage is that your clients aren’t left with stains and residue of gels and paste in their hair and clothing. You will want to use your time most effectively whilst offering your clients the highest quality neurofeedback training.

Clean EEG within Seconds
Our research showed that completely dry electrodes produce too much noise in areas with higher hair density. Semi-dry electrodes don’t have that problem! Getting a clean EEG does not come easily. The NeXus EEG HeadSet makes optimal use of the high technical specifications of our NeXus systems and the special EEG cables with active shielding and carbon coating. These systems come with our easy to use and highly customizable BioTrace+ software, offering a total solution to both clinicians and researchers.

Collaborative Research
The NeXus EEG HeadSet for professional use in EEG training and clinical psychophysiology has been developed in cooperation with a consortium of international partners, as well as various experts in the field. It is the result of three years of research and development within the Contrast project, funded by the European Union. The main topic was cognitive enhancement training for rehabilitation after stroke (CVA), so that the headset could be used easily, even at home. The first results of this project are promising indeed.