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  • SCP Sensor for the NeXus

    SCP Sensor for the NeXus

    Overview Specification The SCP Sensor has been especially designed for measuring Slow Cortical Potentials, which are signals in the lower range of the EEG spectrum (below 1 Hz) . Slow...


  • HEG Sensor

    HEG Sensor

    Overview Specification Cables for Needed for Installation The HEG Sensor measures the (relative) blood flow inside the brain. The HEG Sensor from Biocomp Research has two sensors that are used...


  • HM-Earclip Sensor for the emWave Desktop
  • EXG Sensor

    EXG Sensor

    Overview Specification The EXG Sensor is a dual channel sensor that delivers 2 signals of EEG, sEMG, ECG, EOG, or any combination. The unique EXG Sensor delivers two channels for...


  • EXG Sensor TP

    EXG Sensor TP

    Overview Specification The EXG Sensor TP offers two channels for touch proof (TP) connections electrodes for EEG or EMG. The sensor connects to a variety of different electrodes for different...


  • HM-Finger Sensor for emWave Desktop
  • Oximetry Sensor

    Oximetry Sensor

    Overview Specification The Oximetry Sensor measures the relative amount of oxygen saturation present in the blood (SpO2), which would normally be between 95% and 100%. People suffering from chronic obstructive...


  • BVP Headband

    BVP Headband

    The BVP Head Sensor is used to measure relative blood flow and is placed on the Arteria Temporalis. It has been especially designed for biofeedback training addressing migraine by training vasodilatation and...


  • BVP Sensor

    BVP Sensor

    Overview Specification The BVP Sensor is used for measuring Blood Volume Pulse (BVP) and Heart Rate (HR). By using the BVP Sensor the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) can be acquired:...


  • Respiration Sensor

    Respiration Sensor

    Overview Includes Specification The Respiration Sensor is used to monitor abdominal or thoracical breathing, in biofeedback applications such as stress management and relaxation training. Besides measuring breathing frequency, this sensor...


  • Temperature Sensor

    Temperature Sensor

    Overview Related Specification The Temperature Sensor has been designed for monitoring very small temperature changes in the peripheral extremities. A stressful event, arousal or in other words, sympathetic nervous system...


  • Rectal Sensor

    Rectal Sensor

    Overview Specification The EMG Rectal Sensor measures the EMG activity of the rectal sphincter muscle and is used in incontinence training. The EMG Rectal Sensor connects to your NeXus system...


  • Vaginal Sensor

    Vaginal Sensor

    Overview Specification The EMG Vaginal Sensor measures the EMG activity of the pelvic floor muscles. It is applied in incontinence training. The EMG Vaginal Sensor connects to your NeXus system using...


  • MC-3MY


    J & J Engineering Respiration Sensor and cable for the C2+ 


  • MC-5D


    J & J Engineering Non-Gel wrist to wrist ECG sensor/wrist band kit 


  • Nonin Oximetry Sensor for the NeXus-4, 10 & 32

    Nonin Oximetry Sensor for the NeXus-4, 10 & 32

    Oximetry Sensor. This Oximetry Sensor can be used with the Nexus-4, NeXus-10,  or neXus-32. It provides digital readings of the relative oxygen saturation level in the blood. It also provides...


  • NX-AANSLUIT - Cable to use with the HEG Sensor

    NX-AANSLUIT - Cable to use with the HEG Sensor

    Two 33" pigtail cables with connector for the HEG Sensor . Use with the NeXus 4, 10 & 32


  • NX-EXGB-REF (Ground Reference Cable)

    NX-EXGB-REF (Ground Reference Cable)

    Ground cable for EEG, EMG, ECG, EOG ,SCP This electrode cable with carbon coating is used for connecting the encoder ground to the client. When recording electrophysiological signals (EEG, EMG,...


  • Force Sensor (CALL FOR PRICING)

    Force Sensor (CALL FOR PRICING)

    Overview Specification The Force Sensor is used to measure a force, like weight or pressure. With the 24 bit resolution of our NeXus systems, this sensor offers you reliable signals...


  • Skin Conductance Sensor

    Skin Conductance Sensor

    Overview Specification The Skin Conductance Sensor measures sweat gland activity on the hand, which is closely correlated with sympathetic nervous system activity, arousal and stress. This variable can be used...


  • EEG Linked Ear Cable

    EEG Linked Ear Cable

    The EEG Linked Ear Cable has been developed for the NeXus-4 and NeXus-10 to measure EEG linked ear referenced. Linked ear is a very common way to do EEG in...


  • NX-Trigger Interface (NTI)

    NX-Trigger Interface (NTI)

    The NeXus Trigger Interface (NTI) is used to accurately synchronize the physiological parameters being recorded by the NeXus device with external stimuli (triggers) generated by computer running e.g. E-prime/Presentations or...


  • NX-UNI-YSPLIT (Ground-Splitter)

    NX-UNI-YSPLIT (Ground-Splitter)

    The (Ground)-Splitter is used to connect two ground cables to one and the same NeXus. With this cable you could connect two people to one NeXus for doing two persons...


  • NX32-Bi-Snap EXG Sensor Cable for the NeXus 32

    NX32-Bi-Snap EXG Sensor Cable for the NeXus 32

    1 channel cable for EEG, EMG, ECG & EOG! This is a multi-purpose bi-polar electrode cable for the NeXus-32 and NeXus-16 that uses carbon coating and active shielding technology for...


  • NX32-BVP1A Blood Volume Pulse Sensor for the NeXus-32

    NX32-BVP1A Blood Volume Pulse Sensor for the NeXus-32

    Blood Volume Pulse sensor for the NeXus-32. Blood Volume Pulse Sensor This BVP sensor monitors the relative blood flow in the hands (fingers) with near infrared light. This method is...


  • Accelerometer


    Overview Specification The Accelerometer measures accelerations (g) along 3 axis’s (x,y,z). Place the sensor anywhere, depending on where you would like to measure accelerations. The NeXus Accelerometer uses 3 AUX...


  • EMG Sensor Adapter

    EMG Sensor Adapter

    The EMG Sensor Adapter is a mini-DIN adapter for the NeXus EMG Vaginal Sensor and the EMG Rectal Sensor. These sensors are connected to an EXG input and the ground...


  • SenseRx Vaginal and Anal Sensors

    SenseRx Vaginal and Anal Sensors

    SenseRx sensors are the only internal sensors with extensive documentation of clinical efficacy and have been cited in numerous medical texts and peer reviewed journal articles. With the best “fit...