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SCP Sensor for the NeXus



The SCP Sensor has been especially designed for measuring Slow Cortical Potentials, which are signals in the lower range of the EEG spectrum (below 1 Hz) . Slow cortical potentials are used in neurofeedback for applications such as ADHD/ADD and epilepsy. This sensor works with din style electrodes, e.g. EL-TP-RINGS or EL-TP-Minicap Electrodes

The SCP Sensor uses proprietary carbon technology combined with active noise cancellation technology. Instead of "hiding" noise and artifacts with the classic filter approach, it simply measures the external noise and subtracts it, resulting in cleaner signals and less artifacts.

The SCP Sensor uses three touch proof connections. The red electrode is placed on Cz and both black electrodes are placed on the ears. The ground may be placed anywhere in the head/face or in the neck/shoulder area. You can use a variety of different electrodes, but we recommend the use of sintered electrodes like our EEG Minicap Electrodes because of their superior signal stability.

Measuring electophysiological signals always requires a ground. Therefore, when using the SCP (TP) Sensor make sure to also use the EXG Ground TP.

The specifications of the SCP Sensor are:

Channels 2
Parameters    SCP
Connector Brushed Aluminium medical grade ODU connector
Electrodes TP electrodes (1,5 mm or 2 mm DIN)