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Respiration Sensor



The Respiration Sensor is used to monitor abdominal or thoracical breathing, in biofeedback applications such as stress management and relaxation training. Besides measuring breathing frequency, this sensor also gives you an indication of the relative depth of breathing.

The Respiration Sensor for NeXus can be worn over clothing, although for best results we advise that there only be 1 or 2 layers of clothing between the sensor and the skin. The Respiration Sensor is usually placed in the abdominal area, with the central part of the sensor just above the navel. The sensor should be placed tight enough to prevent loss of tension.

In combination with the BVP Sensor you have a great tool for monitoring Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Respiration can influence your heart rate, when breathing in a certain way. When breathing around 6 times per minute, one will notice that the heart rate will go faster on inhale and slower on exhale.


The Respiration Sensor includes a belt set, containing a small and large belt.

The specifications of the Respiration Sensor are:

Unit Breaths per minute
Parameters Breathing rate and relative depth of breathing
Connector Aluminium brushed medical grade ODU connector