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Course Outline: 4-Day Professional EEG Neurofeedback...


Course Outline:
4-Day Professional EEG Neurofeedback Certificate Program 

DAY 1  8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

  • Course Introduction
  • Orientation to Neurofeedback
  • Demonstration of Neurofeedback

Lab 1: Attach Sensors and Test Connections


  • Electricity
  • Neurophysiology & Anatomy of the EEG
  • Demonstration of Biofeedback Software – Navigating a Screen

 Lab 2: Practice Navigating Screens Using Saved Data

  •  Evening Studies: Readings and Video

 DAY 2  8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

  •  Instrumentation & Electronics
  • EEG Definitions and Behavioral Correlates
  • Client Assessment

 Lab 3: Assessment – ClinicalQ

  •  Exercise: Processing and evaluating the assessment
  • Evening Studies: Readings and Video

  DAY 3  8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

  •  Developing Training Protocols
  • Demonstration of Neurofeedback Training
  • Lab 4: Amplitude Training – SMR, Beta
  • Professional Conduct and Practice Guidelines
  • Alpha-Theta Training
  • Demonstration of A-T Training

Lab 5: Alpha-Theta Training

  •  Evening Studies Read: Readings and Video


DAY 4  8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

 Quantitative EEG (QEEG)

  • Demonstration: 19 (21) channel EEG data collection
  • Recording hygiene, artifact monitoring during recording, recording task sequence, getting a good recording
  •  Demonstration: 19 ch Surface and LORETA Z-Score Training
  • Symptom matching for optimum training parameter selection, training sequence, correct threshold setting and feedback displays

 Lab 6: Processing 19 ch EEG Using NeuroGuide Database

  • Visual inspection, using montages, data selection, developing hypotheses, using statistical tools, viewing topographic maps and other displays, LORETA

 Lab 7:  2 Channel Z-Score Training

  •  Further Studies: Review all remaining presentation videos on flash drive and in manual
  • CNS Anatomy, Origins of EEG, Structure & Function of CNS, BCIA Certification
  • Complete exam and submit for scoring
    More information about this course:

    EEG biofeedback (also known as neurofeedback) has emerged as an important training based intervention for a wide variety of central nervous system (CNS) disorders.  Extensive published research has validated the use of neurofeedback for ADHD and seizure disorders and recent publications have demonstrated positive results compared to controls for migraine, autism spectrum disorders (ASD), depression and more.

    This course serves as an introduction to the theory and practice of EEG biofeedback.  The course fulfills the didactic component of BCIA certification requirements and is designed for the beginner or for experienced clinicians seeking certification.  It is recommended that participants have some biofeedback training or experience prior to attending, though this isn’t a requirement.  The 5 day Professional Biofeedback Training course offered by Stens Corporation provides an excellent basis for understanding the field of biofeedback and is highly recommended as starting point for the EEG course.

    We will cover a wide variety of subjects beginning with the source of the EEG, EEG recording, general EEG signal recognition, artifact prevention and removal, use of EEG and other objective measures for assessment and for developing a comprehensive training approach specific to each client.  We will explore everything from single channel through 19 channel EEG recording and quantitative EEG (QEEG).  We will discuss real time z-score training based upon QEEG findings and introduce concepts such as 19 channel surface and LORETA based z-score training.

    Finally, we will utilize extensive practical/experiential exercises applying the theoretical material to practical techniques of neurofeedback training.  Participants will conduct several neurofeedback sessions with fellow students and will also have the opportunity to experience neurofeedback training from the client’s perspective.  This comprehensive application to real world situations will insure that participants leave with a solid grounding for working with the hardware/software combinations that are such an integral part of this intervention.  Please see the brief schedule below for further information.

    Our Faculty
    John Anderson, MA, LADC has been a provider of biofeedback services and professional training for nearly 30 years, both in private practice and as a consultant to a wide range of institutional clients. He served as director of the first public school EEG biofeedback program in the country and currently consults with schools and other organizations implementing EEG biofeedback programs. He is certified in biofeedback and in EEG biofeedback by the BCIA and is licensed as an alcohol and drug counselor in Minnesota. He has been training biofeedback and neurofeedback clinicians since 1986.