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Course Outline: 5-Day Professional Biofeedback Certi...


Course Outline: 5-Day Professional Biofeedback Certificate Program

Day One
* Introduction to Biofeedback
* Biofeedback Systems
* Introduction to Lab Format (demo)
* Temperature Lab 1
* Temperature: Biological Basis
* Temperature Lab 2
* Diaphragmatic Breathing 
* Evening Lab: Temperature Lab 4; Previous Labs--Temp; Anatomy CD: Respiration; Film: Electricity; Read: Section F-1 "EMG Artifacts"

Day Two
* Mini-Presentation: Entrainment
* Clinical Model for Temperature Training
* Temperature Lab 3 
* sEMG Demo and Practice Lab
* Introduction to sEMG Part 1
* sEMG Lab 1
* Introduction to sEMG Part 2
* Electrode Placement sEMG - Film
* Demo: Upper Trapezius Assessment
* Mini-Presentation: sEMG Part 3
* Evening Lab: EEG Lab 1 (Introduction); Previous Labs--EMG & Temp; Anatomy 
CD: Muscle Anatomy; Film: Muscle Anatomy; Read: Intro to PPG (Pg. N 01)

Day Three
* Mini-Presentation: Vagal Tone
* Human Stress Response
* sEMG Lab 2
* Personality Profile
* Mini Presentation: Inter-beat Interval
* Introduction to EDA
* EDA Lab 1
* Introduction to HRV Biofeedback Training
* Heart Rate Variation w Breathing - Demo
* HRV Lab 1
* Mini-Presentation: Books, Tapes, Supplies
* Evening Lab: Building New Screen Lab; Previous Labs--EMG & Temp;
Anatomy CD: Cardiovascular System; Film: Joy of Stress; Read: J-1 "Stress Response"

Day Four
* Mini-Presentation: Ohm's Law
* Clinical Intake & Case Presentation
* Respiration Lab 1
* Mini - Presentation: Electrode Placement: Specific vs. nonspecific
* Respiration Lab 2
* Adjunctive Therapies: Autogenic training, Progressive Relaxation, Quieting Reflex, Freeze Framer
* Seminar Review, Evaluations, Closure
* Business & Certification: Next Steps
* Evening Lab Stress Profile Lab I with Software; Anatomy CD: Nervous System; Film: Nervous System

Day Five
*Stress Circuit: The “Relaxation Model” as a generic treatment approach to wide number of stress related disorders
*Respiration Biofeedback and Heart Rate: Instrumentation and Software, Biological Basis,  General Applications
*Psychophysiological Stress Profile
*Cardiovascular Applications
*Heart Rhythm Relaxation Technique: proper breathing
*Migraine Headaches
*Raynaud's Disease
*Musculoskeletal Applications
*Muscle Contraction Headache
*Chronic Pain
*Neurofeedback Applications
*Business of Biofeedback: CPT Codes and Certification

More Information: 

This 5-day training seminar is designed to save you time and money. Our core curriculum is specifically designed to give you a clear biofeedback model that allows immediate use with stress disorders and explores other new and innovative direction. Clinicians learn the fundamentals of biofeedback techniques in a 48 hour training session.

An intensive five-day training workshop, the Professional Biofeedback Certificate Program includes 24 hours of hands-on instruction on the most advanced biofeedback systems available, plus 24 hours of clinical applications and procedures in a relaxed seminar learning process. 

The Stens Corporation is approved by the American Psychological Association to offer continuing education for psychologists. The Stens Corporation maintains responsibility for the program. This workshop also meets all 48 didactic hours required by BCIA.

Our Faculty:
Phillip A. (Tony) Hughes, Ph.D.

Dr. Hughes has been a practitioner of integrative mind body therapy for over thirty years. He is nationally known as a professional trainer in applied psychophysiology and biofeedback, and widely regarded as one of best educators in the field. Licensed as a Marriage - Family Therapist and Certified in Biofeedback Therapy, his seminars are geared to preparing professional clinicians to use biofeedback, Autogenic Training and other techniques of autonomic self-regulation for the treatment of stress related and pain disorders. Since 1978, he has been consultant to a number of hospitals and clinics helping to establish programs in pain management and wellness. Dr. Hughes practices privately in Berkeley, CA.