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Aware EMG Biofeedback PFS - Pelvic Floor Trainer



The Aware EMG is a wearable instrument for accurate, real-time monitoring of two muscle

  • It features a wireless connection to the PC, easy-to-use biofeedback software withclinically sound protocols and clear, informative reports.Being wireless is an important benefit, since it allows freedom of movement and certain movements are closely associated with urine loss.
  • Simultaneous monitoring of the activity of the pelvic and accessory (abdominal) musclesmakes it easier for patients to learn to isolate muscles and develop better control.
  • Internal electrode assemblies like the SenseRx Vaginal or Anal/Small Vaginal Sensors or the IVS-2 Intravaginal Sensor are highly recommended, since they make the most direct measurementsof the pelvic muscles.
  • Surface electrodes on the right side of the abdomen are used for the second site, in order to monitor inappropriate use of accessory muscles.

The Aware Biofeedback System includes:

  • Wearable Dual EMG instrument with wireless connection to PC
  • Aware Software with clinically sound protocols and informative reports
  • Bluetooth USB Adapter
  • Surface EMG Electrode Cable (P/N 4654D)
  • Beyond Kegels Personal Care Kit for Bladder Health
  • All Accessories and User’s Manual
  • Disposables Starter Kit, including: 4630S Pre-gelled Surface EMG Electrodes for abdominal placement (10 applications)
  • SenseRx Internal Sensors (1 ea Vaginal and Anal/Small Vaginal)                                      IVS-2 Intravaginal Sensor (1 ea)

Note: The Aware EMG requires a modern PC