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2-Day Chronic Pain & HRV Workshop


July 26-27, 2018 - Advanced Biofeedback HRV/Pain Applications


HRV biofeedback applications: Pain, Anxiety, Autonomic dysregulation syndromes and more.

Mounting evidence points to the efficacy of HRV biofeedback for autonomically mediated disorders and perhaps for Anxiety and Depression. In this workshop the fundamentals of HRV are explained and illustrated. The basic biofeedback technique pioneered by the presenter and his colleagues in the US and Russia is carefully demonstrated and each participant is coached on the equipment to assure competency. In Part II, protocols for chronic pain, IBS, Anxiety Disorders,  Hypertension, and other disorders are presented and practiced. The participant should be able to use these protocols in their own home or clinical settings by the workshop's completion.  We have made arrangements with the hotels listed to provide discounted rates to our participants. Please contact our office 800-257-8367 for confirmation of rates and the cut-off date.

This course is BCIA approved and when combined with our online HRV course, Everything You Wanted to Know about Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback, you satisfy BCIA's didactic requirement for Heart Rate Variability Certification.

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Los Angeles/Anaheim