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5-Day Biofeedback Certificate Program: Classroom & Online Format


June 22-24, 2017: 5-Day Biofeedback Certificate Program: Classroom & Online Format


3-Days in Classroom & 2-Days Live Online
48 Continuing Education Hours

Stens Corporation is pleased to present a  professional training format for biofeedback clinicians, designed to save resources and time away from work and home.  The first three days of the 5-Day program is conducted in face-to-face traditional classroom, immediately followed by 2-day live, online training. The online portion is also augmented with assignments to be completed at your own pace.   

The classroom portion of the program is "hands-on" orientated.  Working with the most advanced biofeedback equipment, you will learn how to navigate through biofeedback software and how to set-up clients for successful training.

The online training focuses on biofeedback theory and clinical application.  A "5-session" protocol is reviewed  that is appropriate for most stress related applications.  All online portions of the program are recorded. If a portion is missed, participants can "catch up" by  watching the recorded portion.  

 Participants must complete all assignments.  A final test, covering assigned readings and films must be taken at the end of the class.  If unable to take the test or view recordings of missed sessions, total course hours completed will be reduced by the amount of time attributed to these assignments. 

This course is accredited to provide 48 hours of education to fulfill the didactic requirement toward BCIA Certification. The American Psychological Association has approved the Stens Corporation to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. The Stens Corporation maintains responsibility for the program and its content.

Course Objectives with detailed description are available by contacting Stens: or by calling 415-455-0111 or 800-257-8367.


Day 1:  8:30 AM to 7:00 PM

  • Introductions
  • Instructor and Group
  • Course Description: Classroom & Online Format
  • Introduction to Biofeedback
  • Lab Format (demo) and Introduction to Temperature Sensor
  • Temperature Lab 1


 Afternoon Section:

  • Temp BF: Teaching Strategies For Clients
  • Temperature Lab 2
  • Introduction to Respiration and Lab Demo
  • Lab: Respiration Lab 1:  Breath rate

 Evening Section:

  • Film: Respiration Anatomy and Physiology
  • Lab: Respiration Lab 2:  Breath Rhythm
  • Reading Assignment: Power Point Pgs. B 1-6: Temp Basis and Protocol

 Day 2:  8:30 AM to 7:00 PM

  • Vagal Tone
  • Human Stress Response
  • Introduction to sEMG: Hardware
  • EMG Demo and Practice: Forearm Placement
  • EMG Electrode Placement


 Afternoon Section:

  • Introduction to Waves: Frequency, Amplitude and Power Spectrum Analysis
  • Introduction to EMG
  • EMG Lab 1
  • Introduction to EEG

 Evening Section:

Film: Brain Anatomy and Physiology

EEG Lab 2 – Alpha Training

Reading Assignment:  Power Point Pgs G 1-7: EMG Basis and Artifacts

Day 3:  8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

  • Introduction to HRV Biofeedback
  • HRV Demo
  • HRV Lab 1 – Heart Rate and Respiration Synchrony
  • HRV Biofeedback: 3 Training Objectives


Afternoon Section:

  • Introduction to EDA
  • EDA Lab 1 - Word Association
  • Introduction to Psycho-physiological Stress Profiling
  • Stress Profile Lab (Protocol)
  • What is next: Online Training through GoToTraining
  • How to access GoToTraining website from any Computer
  • Reading and Video Assignments For First Meeting
  • Questions and Closure

  Online Class Day 1:  8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

  • Introduction and Orientation to Online Class
  • 5-Session Biofeedback Treatment Protocol
  • Spectral Analysis and Resonant Frequency
  • Resonant Frequency Assessment Demo


 Afternoon Section:

  • Headache Power Point
  • EMG Online Demo: 2-Channel EMG "Upper Trap Evaluation"
  • EMG Biological Basis and Protocol
  • Reading (Electricity Pg. BB-1; Protocol Pg. S-1) and Video Assignments For Second Meeting

 Online Class Day 2:  8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

  • Introduction to BVP Modality
  • Stress Response -- Endocrine System
  • Sleep -- Architecture of Sleep, EEG, Insomnia


 Afternoon Section:

  • Steven Porges and the Poly-Vagal Theory
  • Biofeedback Session Demo: Sessions 1 & 2 From 5-Session Protocol
  • Business of Biofeedback and BCIA Certification
  • Reading and Video Assignments To Complete Class Requirements

 Please note that all reading assignments, films, and test (including the Final) must be completed by the end date issued by the instructor (generally the materials will be available for a 2-3 week period from the end of the last online day.


Online Dates: June 30 and July 7, 2017
Los Angeles/El Segundo, CA
Hilton Garden Inn El Segundo