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5-Day Professional EEG/QEEG Neurofeedback Certificate Program


June 23,-27, 2018: 5-Day Professional EEG/QEEG Neurofeedback Certificate Program


Attend a 5 day neurofeedback training course that speaks to every learning style. This course features learning through lecture and dialogue, hands-on practice, personal experience, demonstration and step-by-step written materials. Neurofeedback theory, methodology, efficacy and practice are best learned through a multifaceted approach rather than through simple lecture. This course uses such a combination approach in an interactive format that maximizes learning in a dynamic environment.

The field of biofeedback, particularly EEG biofeedback or neurofeedback, has evolved significantly from its roots in single-channel, single site training. The field continues to broaden its scope, expand its applications and multiply its impacts. Neurofeedback is increasingly well accepted by general medical and psychological practitioners and the broader scientific community. Keeping up with such an exciting, expanding field requires flexibility, constant study and a willingness to adopt new interventions as they demonstrate effectiveness.

This 5 day onsite course covers the requirements for BCIA certification in neurofeedback (BCN) as well as for QEEG-D certification. Course participants will work with state-of-the-art equipment every day and try out interventions that are based upon approaches validated by decades of published research. We will also experiment with newer techniques such as z-score training and will compare the benefits of these approaches so that participants may draw their own conclusions. Multi-site EEG recordings will be demonstrated and an entire day will be devoted to quantitative EEG assessment with lecture and lab experiences to facilitate understanding in this important area of practice.

This course meets BCIA criteria for the 36 hour didactic portion of certification requirements and provides 36 hours of continuing education units for a variety of professional disciplines.

We have made arrangements with the hotels listed to provide discounted rates to our participants.  Please contact our office 800-257-8367 for confirmation of rates and the cut-off date.

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Chicago/St. Charles, IL
Hilton Garden Inn