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NeuroGuide the most informative and comprehensive Conventional EEG and QEEG analysis system available.

    • Lifespan Normative Comparisons (N = 727):  Rel. Power, Abs. Power, Power Ratios, Coherence, Phase and Amp. Asymmetry
    • Semi-Automatic Artifact Rejection with Manual Editing Capability  
    • Semi-Automatic Eye Movement and Drowsiness Artifact Rejection
    • Multiple EEG File Imports (Lexicor, NeuroScan, EDF, Cadwell, ASCII, Mindset, Mitsar, XLTEK, DeyMed, BrainMaster & others)
    • Instantaneous Split-Half Reliability and test re-test reliability of Selected EEG Segments
    • Dynamic and Flexible FFT and Normative Comparisons in the Editing Mode
    • Eyes Open and Eyes Closed Lifespan Norms for Linked ears, average ref. and Current Source Density (CSD)
    • Re-Montage to different Reference Arrangements, e.g., Bipolar, Average reference, Current Source Density (CSD)
    • Export to the Key Institute LORETA equations and the Montreal Neurological MRI Database
    • Time domain Output Files Formatted for Easy Import to LORETA Key Institute
    • EEG Coherence and EEG Phase Raw Values and Z – Score Normative Comparisons – Birth to 82 Years
    • Tab Delimited Output Files for easy importing into statistical programs and database management systems
    • Raw or Edited EEG Printouts of Standard Conventional EEG Analyses
    • FFT using a 0.5 Hz resolution and 1 Hz Color Maps from 0 to 30 Hz (40 Hz to be included soon)
    • Export edited EEG in Lexicor file format and ASCII
    • FFT Normative Power Ratios, including Z scores for Theta/Hi-Beta, Alpha/Hi-Beta & lo-Beta/Hi-Beta frequency bands
    • Excellent Filter tools (adjustable Band Pass , Band Stop, Hi-Pass, Low-Pass)
    • Flexible Signal Generator calibration tools
    •  Joint-Time-Frequency-Analysis (Gabor Adaptive Spectrogram)  
    • LORETA Time Domain for the Localization of Spike & Waves and other EEG Events
    • Editing annotation tools and Bitmap capture for easy report creation
    • Over 60 different Topographic color maps
    • One year of free updates and support