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PIP Personal Handheld Biosensor for iOS and Android - White



The first bio-sensor to train your mind to manage everyday stress. PIP is small and can easily fit in your pocket for use anywhere. The Bluetooth connection makes use quick, easy and wireless.

PIP is a bio-sensor. Its breakthrough technology measures stress reactions at the skin level – electrodermal activity – and sends data to your smart device. That data feeds into PIP Apps, which, using biofeedback, helps your mind learn how to manage stress.

Our levels of stress fluctuate continuously – significant changes happen in fractions of a second; and with the fluctuation, the electrical properties of our skin change. The skin at our fingertips acts as a particularly sensitive indicator.

Hold PIP in your fingertips: it detects the rise and fall of stress, and feeds data into an app at the rate of 8 times per second.

PIP combines precision engineered gold plated sensors, proprietary algorithms and signal processing technology to ensure accurate stress level reading.

PIP’s uses biofeedback to empower you to manage personal stress.

PIP monitors changes in your stress levels, in real time. PIP’s Apps reflect these changes. The more you relax, the better you perform. This feedback helps you identify what relaxes you, training the mind to manage personal stress.

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