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SC-911 - Stress Thermometer



There is nothing else like the Stress Thermometer™ to test for stress and to measure relaxation. It is timely given all the pressure we face today and timeless in that stress is one of the great challenges in life.

• Too much stress makes you sick. Tense or upsetting thoughts and feelings will make your hands colder in seconds! When you are tense, your hands get cold because blood is kept near you heart, lungs, brain, etc. As you relax, your muscles unwind and blood flows freely to warm your hands and feet. A great sense of peace, contentment and comfort spreads all over. Now you can learn with the Stress Thermometer™ to relax quickly & easily. Lies make hands colder. Muscles tense while lying. A person says one thing but the body tells the true feelings.

• Relax and See your hands Heat up. Hand temperature ranges from 60º F to 99º F. The Stress Thermometer shows exactly what your stress level is down to 0.1 degree. So when worried and nervous = 74.5º F, Calm and easy going = 89.3º F, Dreamy, drifty relaxed = 96.8º F. Each person can measure their personal range of stress and relaxation.

• Stress causes Headaches, Ulcers, Insomnia and more. Just hold the sensor or tape it to a finger tip and you are testing your stress level! Instruction sheet enclosed. Relax and return your blood pressure to normal, sleep deeply, be headache free, no more acid stomach, anger free, etc. This feedback training tool will help you to relax.

For Gifts, Health and Beauty, Fitness, Sports, Stress Management, Employee Training,
Schools, Rehab., Hypnosis, Psychotherapy, Counseling, Massage, Physical Therapy.

Attractive Hi-Tech look.
High Contrast LCD display, 3/4” high.
Displays temperature to the nearest 0.1.
Thermistor wire length - 10 ft.
Reads body & room temp.
2 seconds temperature updates
Accuracy +/- 1.8° F, Displays Fahrenheit or Celsius
Digital Clock, Desktop stand.
Battery Life approximately one year. Battery included.
Unit size 2 3/4” inches L, 2 1/8” H, 5/8”W.