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3-Day Quantitative EEG Neurofeedback


Sept. 16-18, 2017 - 3-Day Quantitative EEG Program


This 3-day training seminar is designed to teach the basic concepts and introduce the participant to advanced topics in Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG) neurofeedback. This is a highly experiential course covering the QEEG from electrode placement to interpretation. All participants will learn electrode placement, recording techniques, visual inspection of the EEG and how to recognize artifacts by the collection of 19 channel EEG on a variety of hardware/software options with a maximum of three participants to each EEG system. The course will additionally cover EEG editing, QEEG analysis and the use of statistics and databases for interpretation. The participant will be exposed to a variety of software for analysis and will be given an understanding of basic concepts such as amplitude, power, coherence and advanced concepts such as Low Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography (LORETA) for interpreting the QEEG. Research and clinically relevant interpretive techniques will be included. John Anderson, M.A. LADC is the instructor for this class. 

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Silver Springs, MD/DC
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