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Z Score Neurofeedback (2-Channel )



2-Channel  Z-Score for Neurofeedback

Z-score is a simplified and standardized way of training in Neurofeedback. The idea behind Z-Score Neurofeedback is that instead of training complex EEG parameters with various magnitudes and units (that are not normalized), training with a standardized (or normalized) Z-Score can make Neurofeedback training more easy to understand and work with. This EEG Neurofeedback training and assessment tool has been developed by Robert Thatcher, Applied Neuroscience Inc. (USA). With the members of the NeXus family, the NeXus-4, NeXus-10, NeXus-16 and NeXus-32*, you can now do up to 2  channels of Z-score! Combined with BioTrace+ an extremely powerful, user friendly and flexible Biofeedback system has entered the Z-score world. In order to make 2 sites active, a NX-Linked Ear cable must be added.
*The NeXus-4, NeXus-10, NeXus-16 and NeXus-32 members of the NeXus** family of physiological monitoring and feedback instruments are multi-modal systems that support a wide range of sensors and applications, including Biofeedback and Neurofeedback.
**The Z score can be used with Deymed, Discovery, Neuropulse, Neuron Spectrum, and Mitsar.